Battery and Charger Maintenance

A properly serviced battery and charger fleet is a better performing fleet.

Your forklift battery and chargers are costly investments and should be protected to make sure they are continually in service.  Out-of-service lift trucks don’t move product and this can prove to be a disaster.  All too often, electric lift trucks are out of service due to a bad battery.

Motive Energy has designed several maintenance programs for your batteries and chargers designed to keep your lift trucks  performing at peak levels.  These programs are designed around the demands and the size of our lift truck fleet and tailored to meet your budget.

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  • Water batteries to correct level
  • Create detailed battery list
  • Clean and neutralize batteries
  • SPW available (Install Fee)
  • Wearable parts covered (connectors, contact tips, heat shrink cables)
  • No service call, repairs conducted during time of service
  • One-time Premium Care service with reports included
Premium Care


  • Inventory all batteries and record Make, Model, Serial #, Unit#
  • Inspect batteries (cables, tips, connectors, intercell connectors, watering systems
  • Take voltage and gravity readings on each battery
  • Place batteries in wash cabinet for complete neutralization
  • Blow dry and wipe down battery tops, trays and cables ensuring excess water is removed
  • Clean and remove all environmental waste from work area
  • Detailed written reports and graphs will be generated and provided to the customer for their records within five working days
  • Note: All recommended repairs will be brought to attention and scheduled at the customer’s discretion
Charger Maintenance


  • Confirm start / finish rate is set to MFR specifications
  • Inspect cables and connectors for wear and damage
  • Inspect AC and DC fuses
  • Analyze circuit board
  • Clean and ventilate charger cabinet
  • Blow out circuit boards with high pressure air to remove dust
  • Test Transformers / Diodes / Capacitors for proper heat in accordance with MFR specs
Field Service


  • Complete battery repair
  • Charger preventive maintenance, repair and installation
  • Electrical install: Power cords, plugs, and receptacles
  • Battery extractor preventive maintenance and repair


  • Battery wash system restoration
  • Battery charging station restoration
  • Forklift compartment cleaning
  • Complete electrical install 208/240/480 VAC from breaker box to receptacle installation
  • Battery room install ie. charger stands, epoxy flooring, battery extractor install, charger install, PICK system install 1st in 1st out (IBOS / MCM)
  • Acid neutralization tank maintenance
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Our shop service department is one of the largest forklift battery and charger repair facilities in California and the Southwest. Our highly skilled technicians provide both maintenance and repair services for batteries and chargers.   We are focused on providing fast, reliable, and quality services for your material handling equipment.

Need to schedule service?  Call us at 800-680-7891 or Click here