Continuous uptime


Today’s warehouse is far more than just a facility in which to store inventory.  It is made up of a lift truck fleet and other assets to move this inventory.  The efficiency of your lift truck fleet is based heavily on the power that drives them.  Leveraging the latest technology of remote monitoring and proper scheduled maintenance will deliver actionable results of CONTINUOUS UPTIME of your fleet.

Delivering on this goal of continuous uptime of your lift truck fleet is achieved through 3 basic principles.

1.  Sell superior products- DEKA batteries and Advanced Charging Technologies (ACT) chargers & monitoring systems.

2.  Provide World-Class Maintenance Services

3.  Capitalize on ACT’s Advanced Monitoring Systems for your batteries and chargers

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DEKA Batteries

  • Over 250 quality control checks
  •  Lowest defect in the motive power industry
  • 35% more product life compared to tested competitor products
  • Made in the USA
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Advanced Charging Technologies (ACT) chargers & monitoring systems
A next-generation replacement for traditional motive power charging systems, ACT’s comprehensive suite of products and services are focused on integrating data to help you maximize utility, streamline operations and adapt as the motive power industry continues to evolve.

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World-Class Battery and Charger Maintenance Services
Designed for maximizing the performance and life of your batteries and chargers.

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ACT monitor

Capitalize on ACT’s Advanced Monitoring Systems for your batteries and chargers
Customize and receive status reports that meet your reporting requirements and exploit advanced analytics to gain deeper insight into your operations.